Search Tips
When searching the Dental Angle web site you may use operators such as AND, OR or NOT and symbols such as ( ) and *.   

AND - to look for all words in your search (black AND white).  This example will find all documents with the words BLACK and WHITE in them.

OR - to look for any word in your search: (black OR white).  This example will find all documents with either the word BLACK or the word WHITE in them.   Keep in mind that OR is the default setting in the search.  So if you just typed BLACK WHITE you would get the same results.

NOT - looks for all documents with the first word and NOT the second word. In our example above you would get all documents with the word BLACK in them but no article would include the word WHITE.

( ) - Allows you to make more complex searches.  For instance the example of: (black AND white) or (red yellow blue) would return all articles that mentioned black and white (as above) or talked about red yellow or blue.

* - This operator  is called a wild card.  As in poker, a wild card can represent anything.  You can type BLA* in your search and you would get back any document that had any word in them beginning with the letters BLA.