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JULY 1996
William M. Dorfman, DDS
International Dental Seminar Speaker
Founder, Discus Dental, Inc.; Author, The Smile Guide
Building the Ultimate
Cosmetic Dental Practice

Dr. Dorfman talks about his experience with building
a cosmetic dental practice for the 20th century

Roger Levin, DDS, MBA
Founder and president of The Levin Group, Inc.
International Practice Management Consultant
The Boutique Dental Practice
Patients are more than willing to pay higher fees for
high-quality dentistry and exceptional customer service

Woody Oakes, DDS, FAES & Travis McFee, DDS
Co-founders, Excellence in Dentistry
Publishers, The Profitable Dentist Newsletter
Saving Fee-For-Service Dentistry
from the Managed Care Predator

The Keystone Summit: charting the future of our profession


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